Aeon Doorbell - Phantom Rings

I’ve been using one of the Aeon Labs wireless doorbells for about 6 months now and generally speaking it works very well.

The problem is that in the past few weeks it has rung 3 times without anyone pressing the button, and without any rules in place telling other devices to make it ring.

I have a rule that sends a notification to my phone when the doorbell button is pressed, and that works.

Anyone have any helpful suggestions as to why it would ring for no apparent reason?

tagging @JDRoberts he knows this product, and may be able to assist.

Thank You!

I had my first phantom ring today that came along with a garage door trigger as well. I actually think mine was a ST issue not door bell.

Thanks Nathan.
Its good to know I’m not the only one experiencing this.

I wrote to Aeon Labs about this and got this response:
"Under this case, I am unaware as to what would trigger the Doorbell, it can be a multitude of things in this case

(1) Command mis-fire from the gateway,
(2) Hardware is defective,
(3) Another device running on the same frequency as the wireless button triggers Doorbell

Which are a few things that i can think of at this time which may trigger the Doorbell. How often does this happen? Is the wireless button located outside where other people can trigger it?"

Guess I’ll just wait and see if it continues to happen.


The doorbell rang again this morning at 8:15. Nobody at the door. My wife and I were in bed. All cell phones, tablets, computers, etc turned off.
We live in a sparsely populated neighborhood. The closest homes are at least 200 ft away.

This time the rule I have set up to text my phone when the doorbell button gets pushed was activated. The previous times that did not happen.

I have experienced it a number of times now. None of the times triggered the push notification to send text. Can we tell in the Device log how it was triggered? Here is my log and example of a false ring… The middle of the night is not good one… the dogs go nuts!

Unfortunately, I am not familiar enough with these logs to determine if they indicate the cause of the ringing.
Perhaps someone else on the forum can offer some info here.
It looks as though this is happening at your home much more frequently than at mine.
You might try contacting Aeon Labs and at least let them know this is happening.

I had another trigger last night at 4am which did trigger a push notification this time but has not in the past.