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Where does this leave community users who have created or maintain custom DTHs for devices that don’t have official support from Samsung?

As the last user remaining that is maintaining a collection of custom DTHs for Xiaomi / Aqara ZigBee-based devices, I want to know what my options are in terms of bringing full compatibility with the new SmartThings mobile app.

My problem is it appears I am essentially barred access to the new Samsung developer tools and new documentation because I am a third party. I would have to be a employee or official representative of Xiaomi / Aqara in order to gain access.

So I do not have a clear idea of exactly what changes need to be made to all those DTHs I am maintaining to get them fully working in the new app.

I want to know: what options do I have?

If Samsung is not going to provide full support in the new SmartThings mobile app for community-created DTHs for devices of companies that aren’t interested in approaching Samsung directly, then I don’t want to be the one to make that announcement on the above-linked thread. You or another staff member of SmartThings should do that so users are well-informed to make whatever choices they need to make as a result.


Here is another example where the automation scripting is frustrating. I want a siren to sound for a very short burst when a trigger occurs. So I first add the action Alarm on with Delay this action not set. Next I want to add the action Alarm off, with a Delay of say 5 seconds. But because I already used the Siren device in one action I can’t use it again. I will try making two automations from the same trigger…

Later: That worked :slight_smile: However, much neater to have either a) had it in the same automation or b) edit the Zwave Siren handler to allow shorter alarm durations


Talk about convoluted.

What happens to the devices that are only supported in the Classic app. My Rachio sprinkler controller doesn’t work in the new app!?

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My only remaining DH that is not working correctly in the new app is SimpliSafe. It does show up in the new app but with no control of alarm states.

The issue is the child apps are created with INCOMPLETE status in the new app.


Scenes in the new V3 app have a lot of the functionality of Routines from the Classic app.

Back before Webcore, we used to change modes in the Classic app by triggering a Routine. Same idea. So while certainly somewhat convoluted, I think it is part of the traditional smartthings official feature way of working with modes.

Being an organization doesn’t unlock any additional tools or documentation for hub connected devices. It basically just allows them to add their device’s fingerprint to a built-in handler, setup branding for it, and submit it for publication. The instructions for that entire process is in the public documentation.

Near the beginning of this topic ST mentioned releasing documentation for the new mobile app within a few weeks/months which is what custom developers and organizations have been requesting for a long time.

I’m assuming if ST planned on only providing that documentation to organizations they wouldn’t have mentioned it here…


It appears the exact point I made earlier is still an issue. 10 hours have past since my post and not a single reply from a Samsung employee. Disconcerting.

@blake.arnold Thanks for the warning - will defunct brands currently supported in the Classic app (like Halo) be supported in the new app? I have Halo Smoke Detectors in my house, and want them to work when I make the switch.

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@blake.arnold also - will there be a simple way to migrate routines? I tried looking through this thread but started to get lost. For example, I want “Home, Away, Good Morning and Good Night” to be replicated int he new App, but I can’t seem to find them. Will they just automatically transfer as is?

Actually 10 hours for a response to your list of questions/concerns isn’t bad considering this really isn’t a support forum for their employees or developers, even though they are pretty active. I’ll reply back/edit with my thoughts in just a sec.


I have 11 of them and they work perfectly well in the new app. All capabilities are there, except the Hush buttons.


I appreciate your comments, but it is an official forum hosted by them. My main concern is the level of uncertainty we all face after investing lots of money in specific products and brands that may not end up working as they should or did.

Some communication can put these anxieties at bay.

They will once you get the banner to migrate


I share same experience as @Goldndoodle

True, but it’s not technically a support forum. It’s really a collaboration space for all things ST, and if we get a little support from employees from time to time, that’s a bonus.

I agree, and since I have close to 270 devices (only 4 are virtual), and several thousands of dollars invested in this platform since it’s inception from the Kickstarter days, I also had concerns when the new app came out almost 2 years ago.

Not too long ago I was one of those users that absolutely refused the new app, but I’ve completely moved to the new app a couple months ago, and while some things from Classic are missing, I have found workarounds until ST addresses them. I also have my own custom DTH’s that needed to be tweaked until more info becomes available to make them work 100% with the new UI (remember, smartapps can still leverage capabilities/attributes exposed in custom DTH’s).

I’ve also kept all my automations/rules within SmartThings in terms of Automations, Scenes, or SmartApps. I do not use WebCore or ActionTiles. We are heavy users of Alexa and automation of devices throughout our home.

I’m also fully engaged with STHM, including arming/disarming via mobile presence. That’s actually been almost flawless. Absolutely no issues with my Android phones, but my 1 iPhone is a different story (but that will soon be gone forever thankfully).

Yes, there’s room for improvement, but it’s a whole lot better than just a few months ago.

That’s coming from what I understand. I converted with no documentation/communication on what to expect. I just played around with the new app until I discovered what I needed. That’s not for everyone, so let’s hope ST does a good job with communications and documentation. Hint hint @blake.arnold If you’re using any custom device handlers, you should be expecting them to update their DTH (but don’t bank on all of them doing that).

I think there’s more info to come, but I believe @blake.arnold said he’s a user, as many are. I believe there may be a separate thread on that somewhere in the community.

Yes you can, and the more time the developer spends on understanding the new app, and ST provides documentation on new capabilities/attribute we can leverage, they should eventually work as expected.

Not sure ST can really answer that since they didn’t write it. That’s up to the ActionTiles developers to say for sure.

I really think the direction ST is going is to make the platform capable of serving both the technical and non-technical user, but that will take time. I am technical and can develop, but I’ve resisted as much as possible, which is one of the reasons why I’m not a WebCore user. I want my family to be able to configure rules and use devices without having to know how all that stuff works in the background.


I have the same question. Been asking for months and never had a reply.


that reminds me of the good old days when we still had the family tab :frowning:


It’s hosted by Samsung, but it predates their acquisition and it is officially A peer to peer support forum for customers to help each other.

The official Samsung support channels with company employees assigned to answer questions are Twitter and Facebook. And of course the support lines:


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