Get ready to make the switch!

I had mine set to “any” and found out that it didn’t make any difference. The mirroring thing seems to work better so I’ll leave it for now. I’m starting to wonder if they should have done any migration at all - maybe it would have been better to let people migrate themselves and give them expectations on things being broken and such.

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Ha! wouldn’t be the first mutant in my system…

Ok I think I figured it out. So first. because I didn’t completely pull out SHM and it has the old stub ,WebCoRE and therefore AT can still control it.

So I hit the panel to set stay:

From there I can see the Classic panel switch to Stay:

So here’s where it gets interesting:
I found the piston that’s popping when this happens:

And I’ve included it here in its entirety in case it can help you

This Piston assumes you’ve done the FULL Action Tiles V-Switch workaround, that’s Switch 59, 58, 57 here…

The log tells me what’s happening:

The button was hit on AT at 1:54:05 - So read from bottom to top, it did trigger SHM to Stay - that’s why the panel in classic switched and registered STAY. The WebCoRE Piston is subscribed to that event so it fired and Turned on my workaround Stay V-Switch, which then cascaded the Disarm switch off (the logs at 1:54:06). The V-Switch then triggers both my Alarmserver panel and STHM in Stay mode. (Which was the piston I was looking at previously)

So does that help?

I don’t think I have WebCoRE installed. Maybe I should install it.

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I was only trying to alert others that webCoRE and third-party apps can’t control SHM or STHM DIRECTLY after the migration. Folks can use indirect means such as virtual switches to work between those and the third-party apps such as webCoRE or ActionTiles.

Unfortunately, I tend to forget to type directly half the time in my posts :slight_smile:

And I know I come across as arguing but that was not my intent.


I feel you, man - heck I’m on my phone most of the time so my posts are mad full of typos… and I’m lazy :smiley:

I think I see what is going on. The armed/disarmed status of SHM exists as the alarmSystemStatus attribute of the location “device”. So it doesn’t actually need SHM itself to be installed. It is just something that has an agreed meaning.

So ActionTiles and webCoRE can still arm and disarm SHM, and see it being armed and disarmed. The Classic app can do likewise if there is code still in place to do it.

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So if it can do that, is there a way to link the SHM to STHM so we can use the legacy SHM controller with ActionTiles? Without having to make three separate tiles like the current workaround shows?

This is a very active forum and you can start your own thread whenever you want and you will probably get many responses. The more specific your thread title is, the more responses you will get, because a lot of people just skip over something that looks too general. :sunglasses:

For projects, start your new thread in the following section. Try to keep each thread to just one topic, it makes it much easier for other people to read. So if, for example, you have a question about attic fans and you have a question about three way light switches, make that two different threads

This particular thread is actually getting a little too cluttered and people are veering off topic somewhat. It would be better if they had a specific question to start a new thread for that. But it’s a crazy time with the migration so I understand why people are just piling everything into this.

But as far as getting answers on a specific project, start a new thread and you will probably get quicker and better responses. :sunglasses:

Also, take a look at the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki. Go down near the bottom of that page for the project reports section and you will find all kinds of threads on everything from “impress your friends“ projects to sprinkler systems.


The limiting factor is that only Automations can work with STHM, and they can’t access the “SHM” events.

So I think what you can do is:

STHM <-> Automations <-> Virtual Switches <-> webCoRE <-> SHM <-> ActionTiles

In other words you could make it look like SHM still works. That might be something worth exploring.


Good review Graham. I figured there was a reason.

And, gluing them all together is exactly what mine is doing when we add the piston above to the mix.

You know a quick and dirty Groovy SmartApp that just asks you what your away, stay, and disarm switches are and then watches the Security status of SHM would also do this without WebCoRE if people wanted… Sure its Groovy and only a stopgap, but when Groovy gets retired so does SHM and we woukd need another solution for the things that use the old staus anyway.

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I would expect SHM to get retired when the classic app goes away, which will probably be a year before groovy goes away. I just don’t see why they would maintain it after the classic app is gone. So I would be wary about any solution that depends on, say, webcore knowing an SHM state.

They haven’t said anything officially one way or the other about this, but like I said, I’d be surprised to see SHM variables still active after the classic app is gone. But I guess we’ll find out in a month or so.

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These SHM states are in IDE so anything is possible.


Oh im not suggesting they stick around @JDRoberts, just as a stopgap for people who want thier old smartapps that rely on SHM state to continue to work as designed until an alternative can be built. Now that I found that piston in my list im pretty sure its part of why O haven’t had as much headache as a lot of others. (well that, and I haven’t updated my Alexa or Google skills yet)

You know what I always say… rip the bandage off quickly… get it over with.

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That thought hadn’t escaped me. It would have been handy to have had the thought a few months ago though.

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So it seems like I have found another thing about the migration to the new app that is creating something that I don’t desire: Smart Lock Guest Access.

I am suddenly getting notifications each time someone unlocks the door. I do not want to know when or who unlocks the door. There does not appear to be any way to disable these notifications (at least that I’ve been able to find). Does anyone have a work around or solution to stop the notifications whenever someone unlocks the door?

@philly33flyers , I’m following this. I’m seeing the same thing.

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I don’t think it is possible to disable notices for smart locks guest access. You would need to look into the LUM app from @RBoy

Check out this all which allows your customize notifications (and actions) for each user

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Here are the instructions on setting up virtual switches as a wirk around for using STHM with action Titles until native API works. If ever.

Mine works flawless. Fingers crossed. :crossed_fingers: