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Thanks @Brad_ST, I understand the point there, but emails can be sent any time during the day, as the user would see it in the morning, when the issue is still not resolved and would not be that much angry and confused about things not working. (Newer phones definitely support Do not disturb timing for night time. )

The issue not being sent when resolved is a bit conflicting too, as this is ST’s common sentence at the end of each resolved event:

These issues have been resolved. Please contact us via if you have any questions.

We have seen issues what hasn’t been fully resolved for some user when the resolved messages was posted, but how would the user know that something is going on when hasn’t received a notice.

I will have a look on the RSS and Atom feed. Thanks for that!


I can enter 18.0 or 18.5 and Done works OK.

The “clever” programmer who did this should be beaten, then relegated to sending text messages using a T9 keyboard for life. There is no reason for this. It’s not a standard UI paradigm. There are three blank keys in the UI so it’s not only unintuitive but unnecessary.

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I think the UI folks are working in a vacuum.


@IanK, phone’s Operating system? Version of the App? Actual thermostat device’s brand and type? I cannot do that.

If you think that’s bad, they just made a change in the new mobile app that’s causing enum settings to save the index of the selected item instead of the item.

The programmer who made that change along with the QA person that allowed it into production should both be …


They have QA people? :wink:


They must have, you cannot blame everything on the janitors. :wink:


I believe that would be us in the community…

  • It’s free, and you get honest direct, sometime very direct, feedback that a paid employee might not want to give in fear of losing their job cause it would miss a deadline imposed by someone in leadership who’s performance evaluation would be negatively impacted if it was missed. Or, it reflected negatively on a leader’s poor decision on not listening or forcing poor code through the SDLC process.
  • Their mobile phone type diversity for testing is significant considering you can’t possibly buy all the phones needed to test with (and the OS versions).
  • We’re multi national, platform, language, accessibility, with varying needs and expectations. I can’t think of a broader spectrum of the customer base to test with.
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Sorry, but no.

My health and safety is dependent on my home automation systems working reliably. :face_with_head_bandage:

Set up a beta test program and recruit community members, absolutely. that gets you the honest feedback, the device diversity, all that.

But don’t release it to the entire customerbase until it’s fully baked.

I don’t expect anyone to be perfect, but honestly, the lack of accessibility testing from a major company is ridiculous. Particularly a company whose marketing department keeps promising accessibility. :weary:

It’s not accessible unless it’s accessible all the way through to the completion of the task.

Or if you make changes after the initial design was signed off as accessible.


I agree, but unfortunately that’s not how companies do it anymore. Been there, done that…

Your feedback to ST is spot on regarding the backwards progress, and lack thereof, in the accessibility space. It is ridiculous.


SOME Companies. DevOps/Agile means “perform great work in small portions on fully qualified, fleshed out features with detailed requirements and confirm your work with good automated testing” - “not run fast with scissors.” :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah. I see you’ve been in a software development organization in a large company.


I am trying to get my head around the thermostat options of the new app. I’ve used the generic-radiator-thermostat vid for my iTRV. I am able to control temperature, but I am unable to utilize the thermostat modes, off, auto and heat.
What are really these modes? What they supposed to do on a TRV or any thermostat. And mostly, how can I see that the thermostat is heating? I cannot see it neither on the tile of the device neither on the device’s page. Maybe that is the mode for but it is not really clear.
Can someone shed some light on this?

While I have UPS setup to keep my internal network up in the event of a power outage unfortunately it seems like my ISP (Spectrum) doesn’t actually stay up during power outages… which bothers me every time the power goes out.

Backup power for spectrum must be area specific. I haven’t noticed them down when we have had power outages.

Now they do like to do maintenance here around 12:30am - 1:00am which sucks when your getting to the end of a show your streaming before bed.


That’s why I like the Smartthings buttons - as long as the ST hub is powered, the buttons work.
I put in a totally separate electric system with a power inlet for the generator, circuit breaker box, transfer switch for the furnace and three outlets that allow me plug in the refigerator, UPS, etc during a power outage. Spectrum usually stays up but I don’t have cable TV - have a nice antenna and amplifier with RG6 outlets in several rooms.

These modes are typical of thermosts Made for the US market. Whether those thermostats or smart or dumb. They have one mode for “heat” which controls a furnace, one mode for “cool” which typically controls air conditioning, and then they may have a mode for “off” which means the thermostat will not activate any of the other devices.

Some smart thermostats, like ecobee, also have an “auto“ mode which means the thermostat will figure out for itself whether it’s supposed to be turning on the furnace or the air conditioner based on the ambient heat. This allows you to have two setpoints on the device, one for the furnace and one for the air conditioner.

And some thermostats add an additional mode called “eco“ or “green“ or “power saver” which is supposed to be power saving. Nest has this.

These modes are meaningless for a TRV thermostat which only heats. It looks like whoever designed that DTH didn’t understand how TRVs work and just copied the modes from a standard thermostat.

I agree. I have run sw development at Apple, BMC, Dell etc… There is no excuse for delivering such buggy apps to the user base.
They are under investing in the Dev and QA.


Plenty of opportunities for you all to help fix this