Get ready to make the switch!

At what point do you get that error? Are you able to get to the authentication page? Or after you login to switchbot?

I can get to the authentication page but don’t have an account so that is far as I can test for you.

What country are you in?

I can’t get to the authentication page.

I get to Switchbot -> Others -> Location -> Room

Once I click next I get the spinning circle then it comes back with that error

Im on android and used 2 different devices ,uninstalled and re-installed on both.

@JDRoberts Im in the Uk

Did you tell switchbot support you were in the UK? I suspect that’s the issue.

I did yes and they never said it would be a problem

Since their integration is very new, they may not be aware that smartthings uses different shards for different regions.

I know that has affected authorization for other third-party integrations in the past.

Doubt this will have any effect but you mentioned trying cellular only. Try disabling cellular data and using wifi only. :slight_smile:

Just tried that but unfortunately that don’t work either :frowning_face:

@JDRoberts Ok , yes I believe their integration is new so ill fire them a message and see what they say

Thanks for the help guys, ill keep trying :slight_smile:

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Also report the issue to ST support in addition to Switchbot

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This works in Smart Lighting. You can use the switch in the more options.

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They designed the system around their average customer who has 14 connected devices, and 10 of those are bulbs, not for the home automation junkies. LOL


Yes… as long as you go into webCoRE app and authorize it as you do for any other device

Hi. My classic app doesn’t show the switch banner. How can I find it?

It’s rolling out slowly. So you probably haven’t gotten it yet.


For all those running Adguards or Pi-Holes, I finally tracked down what was crashing the v3 app on my wifi. You have to unblock “”. Otherwise the app will crash when you attempt to open any smartapps. You also obviously have to unblock anything with a domain.


Thanks @saosinx88, we’re aware of the issue and have teams working on it. Device preferences were one of the most recent (and complex) parity features we included in the new app, so this type of bug reporting is helpful. Thank you.


@blake.arnold - are you also familiar with the Smart Lighting app bug where if you try to rename it it loses all your selections? You have to save it with the name Smart Lighting gives it, then go back in and rename. (note that this is a problem on both Classic and New App). (I’m on iOs if that makes a diff).


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I noticed this the other day (in Classic). It never used to be a problem.

Is this why my Samsung Galaxy phone does not show up in the new App? I have 127 devices, and they all show up in the new app, except for the Galaxy phone. Is there a good reason why it doesn’t show up? I can’t even add it in the new app as a new device.

Yup. Mobile phone presence devices don’t show up in the new app yet, but they are available to use in Automations or SmartApps.

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