Get ready to make the switch!

I only have one location. I have one device missing, a Kwikset zwave smart lock, and one device that won’t connect, a zwave garage door opener. These are the problems I’ve found so far after completing the migration.

You shouldn’t need to exclude or add again. It may be that you need to contact ST support and ask them to sync data to the new app.

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OK thanks. I’ll go through and try to account for all devices and see what is working and what is not.

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If it is only devices showing up and not working, then it may be you just need a new device handler or modification to your existing device handler.

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Thanks for trying to help me.

This is the device handler in the Graph IDE for my garage door, in green font:

[rboy : Z-Wave Garage Door Opener with Switch Capability]

I am not sure what I am supposed to do to update it or get it working in the new app. Would appreciate your help. My lock which is not detected at all in the new app is also listed here and green:

[rboy : Universal Z-Wave Lock With Alarms]

Try to delete the custom DTH’s and re-add them. The platform caches old DTH’s and doesn’t render them correctly until you delete and recreate them (there’s an ongoing issue with the presentation controls of the new app and custom DTH’s, it’s on ST’s radar and hopefully it’ll be fixed soon). You should also exclude your devices and re pair them to clear the cache completely.

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Thank you rboy - I really appreciate the quick response.

I’ve managed to exclude the lock and trying to add it again now.

Is the proper order to delete the dth, exclude the device, add the dth, pair the device?

Exclude device, then remove dth :slight_smile:

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Got it, thanks

@jkp @JDRoberts @RBoy thank you all very much for the quick and valuable help. I have the lock added and working. On my own I spent weeks and couldn’t resolve the issues with this lock.
I will look up the garage door opener to find out how to exclude it and follow the same process to get that working.
Thanks again for the help.


Any update on Simplisafe integration with new app?

Also was hoping to see Inovelli dual channel outlet integration.

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Got the email today letting me know that it’s time for me to migrate to the new app.

Not sure if it’s been announced yet but my email states that the Classic app will be discontinued on October 14th.

That’s correct - Classic app will be sunset on 14 October which is a little over 2 months from when the most advanced users should have received the sunset banner. There are a number of other changes that we’re starting to make all related to winding down legacy architecture and improving platform stability. The full announcement is on this thread: Updates to the SmartThings Platform

Happy to answer any questions on that other thread.


At this point, smartthings has published their API, and it is up to the device manufacturers to create an integration if they choose to do so. So you should contact simplisafe and ask them if they intend to add a smart things integration.

Thanks JDRoberts.

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Oh How I love Scrolling past my 150 Hue Smart Bulbs to get to other Rooms, because someone decided we need this new App because the old one works perfect… So let’s change it…
You would have more time to Code stuff like allowing me to get to the other 2 Ring Cameras I have if you weren’t wasting time on a Complete Re-Write that Everyone seems to dislike…


have you tried putting them in lighting groups and/or hiding the ones that aren’t important?

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On the dashboard, you can rearrange/sort rooms and devices as you choose. You can also hide any of them. Click on More Options (3 dots in the upper right of the screen) and choose Edit.

As thoroughly upset as I am about having to migrate off the classic app and backend, I’m happy that there is finally a hard and clear deadline for my migration.

Thank you!