Get Notifications on Wrong Code for Schlage ZWave Lock?

In the current 2024 environment, is there a way to get a notification from a wrong code being punched in to my Schlage Lock?

I am already getting positive notifications on all the locking and unlocking events but I have a situation where I want to see if someone is even trying.

Yes, I know that would be a ton of notifications but I still want them on my phone for now. I hope this is possible.

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This driver supports reporting invalid code attempts. You can use automations to get notified when an invalid code report is sent by the lock using this driver. Note that Schlage reports every 3rd or 5th attempt to enter invalid codes depending on the lock model (its fixed). Yale locks can however be configured to report every invalid code using this driver.


Thank you for the update @RBoy . I bought and used your legacy apps before ST went all Edge drivers. Ill look into it. Appreciate the info!

Wait, so Schlage will only notify on 3rd or 5th attempt and not every? That sounds like a bad design on Schlage’s part.