No Unlock Notification with SLGA and Schlage Zigbee Lock

I have a mix of zigbee and z-wave locks. When using SLGA, for the z-wave locks, I get a notification and a message in the SLGA history with the appropriated code name indicating that the lock has been unlocked.

Not getting a message or a notification for the zigbee locks. Think it worked fine up until recently. Any ideas?

What driver is assigned to the lock? Also, I would want to look at the driver logging to see what the lock is sending to the hub and what the driver is doing with it. You can do driver logging using the ST CLI using the command “smartthings edge:drivers:logcat” and selecting the driver assigned to the lock.

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For my Kwikset Zigbee’s I use the driver Zigbee Loc MC by Mariano. Check the fingerprints below and see if you lock is listed and If not politely ask him if he will add it for you. The stock Zigbee Edge driver dosent work very well.

His driver channel to get the driver.

Finger prints in the driver

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