Get a new ST hub? I have the Gen 2 hub now. ST website?


I got my ST Hub in 2016- thinking it’s a Gen 2… It has worked perfectly all that time. I have maybe 50 devices- mainly switches, outlets and sensors for home automation. I’m worried that the hub will die someday and and I will have to reset every switch/outlet/etc. If I buy a new hub before the old one dies, is there some sort of simplified process to setting the new hub up? I see Gen 3 hubs for sale on Amazon.

What’s the deal with SmartThings? Theyre not fading away, are they? I can’t easily find a ST website that is pushing their stuff- hubs, etc. What about Matter? is that happening?

Good luck -jim
I’m in America (Minnesota) BTW.

Not at all. ST got out of the hardware business but will continue with the software and backend. Aeotec is now producing and selling the hub and sensors.

as for replacing, I will let others discuss that topic.

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I wouldn’t get a new one. There’s no migration utility and the new Matter over Thread features that just came out could be added to your ecosystem with a $40 Eve energy plug.

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Many of the smart speakers, including over a dozen of the echo models, some of the Google home models, and the Apple HomePod mini will all also be thread border routers in a few months. So most people using home automation will likely already have a Thread border router in their home. :sunglasses:


Thank you,

So if/when I get a new hub, what is the process of migrating everything over to the new hub? Do I have to reset every individual device so it can be added to the new hub? It seems like it could be a frustrating process…




This is true. Some devices you have already might support matter over thread instead of buying the V3/Aeotec Hub. eero Pro, eero Beacon, eero Pro 6, eero 6, Echo (4th Gen), Nest Hub gen 2, Nest wifi, Nest wifi pro, Apple HomePod, HomePod mini, certain Apple TV Models, etc etc.

So yeah, don’t sweat having a V2 hub. :grin: it’s currently on the same firmware update schedule as the V3 hub, too.