Get a list of Zigbee groups?

This came up in another thread… Is there a way to get a list of Zigbee group assignments, with or without edge?


I haven’t found a way to do it hub wide. I would love it if group management was done outside the drivers.

Within an edge driver though you can call GetGroupMembership within an edge driver but I’ve found for some reason it doesn’t seem to work on the IKEA remotes but does work on bulbs - no idea why.

For the remotes in order to retrieve group membership I found it more reliable to send a message to retrieve the binding table and inspect that to determine group membership.

I’d be interested in an answer though, @nayelyz do you know of anyway to see all ZigBee groups on the network and which devices are grouped/bound together ( specifically at a ZigBee radio level?)


I would be surprised if it would be possible. The coordinator usually knows about groups what is defined through the coordinator, so it “learns” it.

If, let’s say, an IKEA 5 button remote binds to a bulb by TouchLink that is not announced, but the remote tells the bulb (or bulbs) that it is part of a group. Then the bulb knows when the remote broadcasts a group command that it applies to it. And what I remember the SmartThings groovy DH due to the “smart” parsing doesn’t differentiate from any other press or hold event as it understands that the device was pressed, but not that the device press was a group broadcast.

The other thing as I can recall from some discussions on the DeConz github repo, that those IKEA remotes do send different messages when they paired to a coordinator or only directly to a bulb. They do send commands regarding brightness and color change when paired directly only, but not when working with a coordinator.

The engineering team mentioned that currently, it’s possible to:

  • Add/View/Remove a device from a group
  • Receive messages sent to a group (to which the device in the driver belongs)

but, from a driver, it’s not possible to:

  • Send messages to a group
  • Add/View/Remove a device from a group for devices not associated with that driver

Thank you for the comments on the useful features related to Zigbee groups, now, the team is already aware of them.