Gentle Bedtime with a twist

I’m using the Gentle Wakeup smartApp in reverse to put my daughter to bed. I’ve attached the smartapp to a routine/mode called Bedtime. When I put the house in Bedtime mode, the lights in my daughters room slowly dim down over the course of 15 minutes. This gives us time to read a few books and let her drift off to sleep. It’s a pretty neat automation.

But because of how the smartapp works, there is a point where the room is too dim to read, but still somewhat bright. I’d prefer that at that point, the lights ramp down more quickly so the lights turn off completely. Basically I want the ramp down to be more of a curve than a diagonal. Slow dims to a point, then quickly turns off.

Is this sort of thing possible?

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Yes, you’ll have to tweak/edit/code the smartapp to do that, but it is certainly possible.