Genie Aladdin garage door

(Jon Dagata) #21

With the announcement yesterday that Iris is shutting down, I purchased a Samsung Smart Things hub. I’m disappointed to see that my current garage door setup that I spent a lot of money on is not supported by smart things. I sent an email to Genie asking if they have plans to integrate it, especially now that Iris is shutting down.

(Z) #22

I have an LFM-20 Z-Wave relay ready to connect to my Genie wires. Where would I splice it in?

(Z) #23

Nevermind, spliced into the wall button and it works beautifully. Now I can open the garage door with Alexa as well, and can have it open/close when I come home/leave and automatically at night!

(Dominick Barile) #24

Just an fyi…i was on te phone with genie & the rep said that they are working on a software update to make it comparable with smartthings & alexa. Most of yhe newer modes should upgrade with no problem. For homekit people may need to purchase a new model. Software upgrafe should be for free. Time will tell if this is true or false.

(Jon Dagata) #25

This is interesting because I emailed them like a month ago and they said they didn’t have any plans to support SmartThings or IFTTT. Maybe they changed their plans since Iris is shutting down.

(Dominick Barile) #26

I have been talking to them quite a few times last year

(Dominick Barile) #27

Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that they do it