Genesis blockchain token for all github users (which most smartthings community members are)

Thought this might be of interest to smartthings community members as most would have a github account, hopefully for more than a year. Hope it is allowed for me to post here and also this category seem most relevant.

About Genesis:
Genesis is an open-source blockchain platform, the basis of which was laid in 2011 by programmer Oleg Strelenko. The platform’s code was written completely from the ground up. Currently, there is a team of over 15 top-tier software developers working on the project. We can’t run an ICO for the concept of Genesis the way that we like, that’s why we decided to give away 85% of all tokens to a maximum number of programmers, so that with the help of the community Genesis becomes the best blockchain platform in the world.

85% of all tokens will be distributed for free among GitHub users. Only for those with 1+ year GitHub accounts.

If interested in registering for the free token distribution, make sure to follow the directions on the Genesis project page and post your public key in Keybase. If you don’t mind and for an added bonus, add me as a referrer by placing ;ericyew at the end of your public key, then you will get 10 extra Genesis tokens when the project goes live!
Genesis Token (more info…)