Generic switch for dishwasher "clean" and "dirty"

Is it possible to create a “switch” that actually controls nothing? Here is specifically what I’m after. I would like a switch that shows whether the dishwasher is clean or dirty based only on how I manually set it (either through ActionTiles or through Alexa - “Alexa, set the dishwasher to dirty”).

Is that possible? Especially using the words clean and dirty instead of off or on?


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You can create a virtual switch from the IDE but I’m not sure how you can set clean and dirty as the trigger words without creating a custom skill for Alexa.

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You can just use a custom phrase to trigger an Alexa routine (not a SmartThings routine) for the voice trigger. Then have that turn on the virtual switch.

As far as changing the display labels, I think you can just do that with a custom DTH. But someone else will know. :sunglasses: