Virtual switch help, pls

I have a washing machine which I installed a power sensing switch to to tell me when the wash I’d done. when it draws 0 power it sends a notification.

I would like Alexa to tell me the “ the wash is done”.

Which virtual mechanism type should I use to trigger a voice notification?

I tried a few and couldn’t get it to work.

A Simulated Alexa Switch is what you need.

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True, but what type of switch? In the Alexa app certain things in smart home can start a process, most of which are sensors or locks. You can’t have SmartThings close a sensor and can’t begin a chain.

The damnest thing is I had it working and with the recent server problems with SmartThings combined with an upgraded router my hub got wiped.

So after I added in all my devices, I forgot how I did it. It was a couple of years ago and I can’t remember.

“Simulated Alexa Switch” is the type of virtual switch that you need. If you do not already have it you will need to install bjpierron’s “Simulated Alexa Switch” device handler in the IDE.
Then on the device page in the IDE you can create a “Simulated Alexa Switch”.
There were other virtual switches that worked in the past, but this is the only one that I know that still works reliably.

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I get it. I used a prefab switch before with notify me and iftt. But since then iftt is monthly fee based and I’m cheap that method evaporated.

So I got a copy and pasted an IDE handler “ Alexa virtual switch” and voila .