The Future of Bluetooth and IoT

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) has issued a press release outlining their “2016 Technology Roadmap”. The SIG is planning to focus their efforts at enhancing Bluetooth to better suit the needs of IoT.

From the press release:

"Announced updates will provide a variety of benefits for the growing number of IoT applications. For example, the range of Bluetooth Smart, set to increase up to 4x, will transform smart home and infrastructure applications, and will deliver an extended, more robust connection for full-home or outdoor use cases. A 100% increase in speed, without increasing energy consumption, will enable faster data transfers in critical applications, such as medical devices, increasing responsiveness and lowering latency. And mesh networking will enable Bluetooth devices to connect together in networks that can cover an entire building or home, opening up home and industrial automation applications. "

The rest of the press release can be found here:

I’m no communications expert, but this certainly seems like the companies who are steering Bluetooth’s development are stepping up their game. I’m especially interested in the fact that they are committing to mesh networking.


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My first thought?

“Samsung wants to sell lightbulbs.” :wink: :bulb: :bulb: :bulb:

Maybe this means we’ll get our Bluetooth radios enabled!

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I wouldn’t hold your breath.


I’m not, of course, but having the mothership put out a Bluetooth-enabled HA product seems like about as good a reason as possible to unleash the radio.

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I hope its IP based networking.