General User Dashboard?

Hi all,

I’m trying to find an alternative solution to allow my users to interact with system, but with only their specific views. What I mean is, User 1 shouldn’t be able to turn off the lights in User 2’s bedroom.

From what I’ve read, multiple account users aren’t possible at the moment, but I have run into both the SmartTiles and Hadashboard projects. Both look very promising. From what I’ve read unfortunately, SmartTiles removed the multi dashboard function until version 6 comes out. I like that Hadashboard seems like a hosted solution, but I don’t know if it’s possible to run it through a local server instead of hosting it through Heroku like the directions say (I have a feeling you can, but not sure what’s involved with the setup in order to do so yet).

The last idea I had was to possibly find something that can pose as a dashboard to push to Tasker+Sharptools events as a simple scene switcher/routine runner on a Android tablet or phone.

Any ideas or advice?

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Sharptools still supports multiple installs you can use it as a dashboard and separate who can control what.


This will definitely be a fundamental feature of SmartTiles 6. Every user will have access only to designated dashboards, and thus the designated “Tiles” (lights, etc.).

Hopefully the release will come soon enough to avoid folks spending too much time, effort, and research on alternative methods.

Stay tuned to:


I have seen V.6 for SmartTiles mentioned a few times now, have a missed a topic on here haha cant find any info on it :slight_smile:

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It’s shamelessly in “teaser phase”, with no release date published, #dontasksorrynotsorry.

(Publishing a release date prior to it being ready is what will open the possibility of “shame” :smiling_imp:).

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How do I separate the users to do this? I created a google account just as a limited view, but every time I take off devices that are previously authorized, my other devices follow…

You might want to contact the developer of the app for this.

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