Geeni Smart Surge


Geeni recently introduced the Smart Surge ( which is a WiFi surge protector where each of the 4 outlets can be controlled independently. At $39.99 is would make a cost effective option to control several lamps or other items all located nearby. It also has 4 USB charging ports. It’s controllable by Google Home and Alexa but has anyone successfully integrated it into Smartthings?

(Mark) #2

If the device itself is connected to the internet (as a wifi device is), then generally ST and the device maker would have to make an official integration, or if the device maker has an open API then a community developer could potentially create one too.

So does this device have an open API?

(Bigscout79) #3

I bought 6 Merkury innovations color bulbs from They use geeni Android app. It appears from searching that geeni and “smart life” apps are related. When I installed smart life after geeni it asked me if it was a genie or smart life device.

The point is smart life is in IFFT. I’ve emailed them about an API.

(Jake Seaton) #4

Have you been able to add the power strip in the Smart Life app?

I could do some basic integrations if I can at least get the Geeni/Merkury device to show up in IFTTT.

(Bigscout79) #5

I haven’t gotten back to it yet, but sort of.

In doing some research it looks like these are all resellers of tuya stuff. I have the bulbs in the app, and supposedly it will work with ifft, but I’ll let you know when I get some time.

(Bigscout79) #6

Ok, so… No luck yet. While smart life integrates with ifft, it doesn’t work with my bulbs. That power strip is intriguing, but I can’t say if this will work. Good luck, sorry.