GE Zwave/Zwave Plus - Replace

So after doing a replace on a older GE Zwave switch, with a newer GE Zwave plus switch, I’m still seeing it in the IDE as the old model, and no 5E in the raw description.

So is this switch functioning as a zwave plus device and the description is just wrong, or is the performance going to be crippled unless I remove and re-add it. (Tons of automations and piston rebuilding there.)

The zwave “replace“ utility should only be used when the two devices use exactly the same DTH. That’s really the point of that utility. You are saying that the new device has exactly the same command set support and capabilities as the previous one, so it can be assigned the network ID for the previous one.

If you’re going from Zwave classic to zwave plus, that should be a change in DTH, so you should not be using replace for that. Sorry, I know that’s not the answer that you wanted. :disappointed_relieved:


But they do both use the same “generic zwave switch” built in DTH. :confused:

At least all my other versions of that switch do…

Removed and repaired the switch, and it’s showing up the right raw description.

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