Identify Z-Wave Plus Devices

So I’m wrapping up a house restoration and my GC just installed 80+ GE Smart Switches. I’ve got a mix of Z-Wave and Z-Wave Plus switches since I got a lot on sale. Is there a way in IDE to see which devices are Z-Wave Plus? I want to make sure these are installed in locations farther from my hub. Cheers!

I would think you would see 5E in the raw description, but @duncan could confirm that.

But if you haven’t installed them yet, you can just go by the model number on the device. You can look them up on the official Z wave alliance site.

Plus they should probably have zwave plus logo on the case instead of the regular Z wave logo.


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Unfortunately the electricians got all happy hands and installed everything. When asked what they installed where, they had no clue.

With 80+ switches acting as repeaters I would think you are going to have pretty good coverage no matter which switch is put where. Once everything is online and talking I’d do a Z-Wave repair for them to update their neighbors but otherwise I doubt you’ll have coverage issues.


I only have 2 Z-Wave Plus GE Switches and the rest are the older 12000 series. I have zero issues with coverage. With that many switches, your Z-Wave network should be super strong!

Food for Thought:

Iris Motions and Contacts also work local…I have been swapping out most of my motions and contacts for Iris brands and everything is super quick and with the added bonus of switch/contact/motion being all local.

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Yes, the 5E does show up in the raw description of my GE switch. You can find it in the IDE under devices. Unfortunately you will need to click on each device to view the raw description.


Thanks everyone. My biggest concern is my back house. It’s about 25 feet from the main house with the closest device being about 60 feet from the hub in the main house. My thought was to put all of the plus devices in the back house. In both structures I have numerous Iris contact sensors and PEQ motion sensors. I’m trying to make sure I have the strongest z-wave network possible so the WAF stays high. haha

Iris contact sensors and peq sensors are all zigbee devices. The GE zwave switches are irrelevant to those. Zwave repeats only for zwave, zigbee repeats only for zigbee. So if you’re having trouble reaching the outbuilding, you need a zigbee Device to act as a repeater. Or you need to switch to Z wave sensors (like GoControl, Fibaro, or Aeotec) out there.

There’s a how to article in the community – created wiki on automating an out building that might help: