GE zwave switch - placeholder?

I just installed a couple new he zwave switches and I’m unable to change the behavior of the LED, there is no settings option. I took a look in the API and all my other switches had a device type of “Z-Wave Switch”, these two new ones have a value of “placeholder” with no device id. What do I need to do to regain control of the LED.

Many devices are now defaulting to locally-running Edge drivers (see the FAQ for a quick primer on Edge) when they’re joined to your hub. ST will eventually migrate existing devices from Groovy DTHs to Edge drivers. When you see ‘placeholder’ as the device type on a z-wave or zigbee device, it most likely means that device is using a driver and has been migrated/joined under the new framework. You can also check in the ST app to see whether the device has a ‘Driver’ option when you hit the 3 dots on the device page. If that option appears on the device, it means your device is definitely using a driver.

The stock ST driver for GE devices does not have settings to change the LED, but I have a driver that does. Use the channel invitation in the topic below to install the driver on your hub, then navigate to your new switches in the ST app and use the ‘Driver’ option to switch from the stock driver to this one.


Worked great! Thanks!


The LED behavior can also be set by a sequence of taps on the switches. Check the doc for the switch.

I use this on multiple brands of switches because I have kept to the stock DTH to keep local execution. With all Edge drivers being local, I’ll probably continue to use the stock version to keep complexity down.