GE z wave wiring - 3 way

Thanks for your time first off. So I purchase a GE Smart Switch 12722 that claims to work as with a single switch or as a multiple switch system. I did not purchase a 3 way “kit” that comes with a GE auxillary switch(s). My current wiring has three light switches controlling my kitchen lights. I do have a box of 5 Leviton decora 3-way switches already from prior replacements. If I want to use the GE SS as a three switch system do I need to buy separate GE auxiliary switches or can I use my existing new leviton 3 way switches. It seems off that I would need to purchase GE specific ones. Thanks again.

and I also have one 4 way switch I forgot to mention, same leviton.

GE uses a wiring set up which is a little different than everybody else’s, so it’s likely you will need to buy the recommended GE auxiliary switches to go with your GE master. Just follow the directions in the user guide that comes with it.

Yes, you need the aux switches. You can fry the 12722 if you do not use them. Do not connect non GE switches to the 12722.