2 way switch wiring questions

Ok I have several 2 way switches in my house and curious about using GE smart switches can I use the original second switch or does it have to be the GE auxiliary switch? I got 3 groups of these dual switches I wanna make smart but really don’t wanna buy 3 2nd switches if I don’t have to! The whole extra switch wiring is new to me. I’ve done plenty of single switch wiring but never done dual switch locations…

And if I need to use a smart 2nd switch can I use another smart master switch? I got great deal on GE smart switches. But I don’t have any deals on the 2ndary switches lol

Yes you have to get the GE secondary switch to use with the master switch.
As for wiring it. You need to go to this thread.

Huge source of information there and lots of help.

So I cannt use two master smart switches together and it still work?

Only reason I ask is because I got these switches for 5$ each at a killer deal. So I got like 15 of these master switches. If I can avoid having to spend 20-30 for a secondary switch I’d rather go that route :wink:

Auxiliary switches are the only solution for you unfortunately. 3/4 way switches only work with 1 master and N number of auxiliary switches. Use the master switches in other locations.

I haven’t used it myself, but if I understand it use case correctly, this device handler should do what you’re asking for (using two master switches in a 3-way setup).


What I do have in my house is a smart master and smart 3-way switch. However, the 3-way that I have is only a powered z-wave switch with no load or traveler (just line and neutral). It functions as a 3-way by having a z-wave association with the master switch (established through an auxiliary switch device handler in ST). I didn’t see why this association couldn’t be made between any z-wave devices, and came across the device handler you see above.

You might at least try it out if you can get the master switches cheaper.

Check out Inovelli switches. I realize you already bought some master switches, but the Inovelli switches can replace a single switch and use the remaining regular switch. They even have options with scene control from multiple button presses. I bought mine on Amazon for about $30.

Also, although you have 2 switches and 1 load, it is still called a 3-way switch, not 2-way.

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I got my GE switches for like 5$ each lol it was a steal!

I concur. These are awesome!

Oh, well in that case, you did well. Keep those instead. Wiring the Inovellis was kinda tricky.