GE Z-Wave Wall Switch(es) & Wiring for Ceiling Fan / Light

Okay, I have another tricky situation.

I have a single, dumb wall switch that controls (on/off) for my bedroom ceiling fan/light combo (MinkaAire Light Wave 52" 3 blade indoor LED ceiling fan with remote). Separately the fan has an RF remote that I can use to control the light and fan speed. The remote is sitting in a holder mounted to the wall, which I don’t find very elegant.

I want to make the light & fan controllable by Z-wave (and effectively Alexa). Which GE Z-Wave Wall Switch(es) should I use? I have on/off, dimmer, and 3-speed fan only switches. Is there a way to hard wire the light and fan controls separately? If not, should I just use the on/off switch?

Here are pictures of the current wiring inside of the switch:

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