GE Smart Switch (z wave) flickering

I just installed a GE In-wall Smart Switch (z wave) 12722-2 and it connected to smart things but as soon as I turned it on the fluorescent light that it controls started flickering. It flickers slower when switch is off and flickers faster when switch is on.

I had 3 wires in my box, black, white and green.
So I connected black to Line, white to Neutral, and green to Ground.

Did I do it right? Do I need to connect a jumper wire from Line to Load?

I’m not sure why the light isn’t working.

Any help would be appreciated!

In the US, wire colors are not mandated by code, so people can and do use any color for anything. You can’t just go by color, you have to actually test each segment of each circuit to see what it is.

The problem here, though, is probably related to the fact that you don’t have enough wires. This switch would require 4 wires, not three, if you count the ground. Hot in, load, neutral, and ground. If you only have three wires, you will not be able to use the switch.

But first you need to test the wires to see what they actually are.

If you don’t know how to do this, either bring in an electrician, or if you live near a Home Depot many offer a class on how to install a light switch. It won’t usually cover network switches, but it will cover how to tell which wires you have. And since many Home Depots do carry that exact model of switch, the instructor can probably get you a little more information.

But meanwhile, remove it. Otherwise you run a risk of burning out either the fixture or the switch.

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I’ve tested the wires and the colors are accurate to their descriptions.

Hmm so there is no way to wire this up with just the 3 wires?