GE Z-Wave switch half second delay

The levitrons i have are instantaneous. Not sure why the get switches have a 0.5 sec delay

Maybe it’s the dimming that makes it seem like there’s a delay. I have both types of GE switches and only the dimming ones seem like there a delay (I think bec going from 100% to 90% doesn’t look that different).

Anyone know of a way to have a GE dimming switch going from 100% to 0% if you click once but dim if you hold down the button?

I just checked my GE switches, only the Decora seems to have the delay. The traditional one doesn’t have any noticeable delay at all. These are the 12xxx series switches.

As for the dimming question…that is exactly how my GE switches behave. A single tap and they turn off/on. Hold the button and they dim.

So I think they are turning off right away it’s just that they dim off (meaning they go from 100% to 99, 98, 97, etc. My regular switches (non dimming) go from on to off.) Is there a smartthings settings that I could change?

There is a custom DTH that allows you to modify the ramp rate on the GE switches. I just did a quick and dirty test and by modifying the parameter 9 value from 1 up to 99, the light no longer dims when triggered on or off. But…it ended up messing with my ability to dim from the wall switch. I did not test much else including changing any of the other values to see if I can find a middle ground.

The DTH I am messing with is from jscgs350 called the “My Enhanced GE Dimmer” from this thread:

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He mention he uses the 4xxxx series, I have the I’m have 14294 will it work?

No idea…one way to find out though. I am using the 12xxx (12729) series myself.

I tried it and it worked :slight_smile: I wish I knew about this earlier. Thanks!

Btw how can I figure out what the best timing option is for my bulbs?

Trial and error.
For me, it’s 5-2-1-2 in that order. That makes it fast from program and controllable from switch.

Thanks for all your help, my family is really enjoying the fact the lights turn on when they click the switch. As for the dimming capability we still can do that from the app so we now have the best of both worlds:)

I finally started toying with the settings last night…which included the glaring stare from my wife as the living room lights repeatedly turned on and off. I am at 3-2-4-2 at the moment, but I haven’t done a heck of a lot of testing from the switch itself to see if dimming is still possible there. I for sure have more testing to do…as well as more switched to tune. If the dimming from the switch isn’t smooth, I will probably make that action be very quick and push to the app for dimming.

Long time to reply, but I figured out at some point that the delays in these switches is intentional to support double tap scenarios. Basically the switch is waiting to see if you do a double tap, before given up and defaulting to a single.

If you don’t want a delay between activating a switch and the lights turning on, you need to avoid a device that supports double-tap, or at least choose one that lets you deactivate it.

This thread started with 12xxx devices which do not support double tap.

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