GE Z-Wave Plus Black Remote Control Outlet Easiest Integration Ever!

Currently I’ve got 22 devices managed by my Samsung Smartthing hub so I feel pretty comfortable with it. Recently I wanted to control my outdoor lights via Smarthings as well so I picked up the GE Z-Wave Plus Black Remote Control Outlet from my local Lowes hardware store. Adding this thing might have been the paring I’ve done so far.

I wonder how it would resist to the harsh winter conditions we have in Canada, like -30c (-22f), snow, freezing rain, etc.

Probably not too well. Here are my experiences with it:

A) you have to ensure there’s no concrete or brick between it and the nearest indoor z-wave repeater.

B) ideally, there should be no more than a single exterior wall, of “average suburban” composition (wood, Sheetrock, insulation, siding), between it and the nearest z-wave repeater.

C) you should keep It sheltered. The colder it gets, the worse it performs… and I’d hate to imagine what would happen if some rainwater got into it and then froze.

Mine is on a porch, attached to a brick wall. I have no idea if it is working through another Z-Wave switch of which there are many nearby or if it’s talking direct to the hub which is also nearby. But it is on the other side of a solid brick wall from everything. No issues so far. It has not gotten cold here yet.

I have a brick home, no issues so far with the hub located on the opposite side of the house.

Cannot comment on the cold yet, but will find out soon (Ohio) - however it is only rated for 32-104F (0-40C). Suitable for damp, but not rain… :frowning: Going to gamble and try it this year for christmas lights.

I wonder the same thing. I just picked one of these up at Lowes when it was on sale this week. I live about an hour away from the Canadian border in North Dakota and we see temps drop as low as -40f sometimes. My perspective on this is that the manufactures of these devices need to realize that the devices operating range will need to be very broad if they want wide adoption of a product. Here in North Dakota we see air temps into the 100s and down into the -40s. Neither temps usually last long but we do see them.

I have about 1,000 watts of outdoor Christmas lights (not converted outside holiday lights to LED yet) running off of one. Working great.

Not yet sure but i’ll found out this season. I live north of Chicago so get to the -20f range with wind chill. Since installing it we’ve been having temps in the upper 50’s.