GE Z-Wave Dimmer short circuit?

We are currently adding recessed lighting to our basement. I have 3 lighting zones, 2 on dimmers and one on an on/off. The electrician is telling me that one of the dimmers is not responding and that it might have a short. I just checked the connections with a multimeter and the voltage of the line -> load wires was ~40vAC where as the voltage from line -> neutral is ~120vAC. I checked the other dimmer (the one that was working) and it had ~120vAC going from both line -> load and line -> neutral.

Is this a good indication that the switch is fried? Obviously nothings working on the switch. The blue indicator light is not illuminating and the lights it’s connected to aren’t turning on. If I take the load wire and connect it to the load wire on the other switch the lights come right up, so it appears that things are good on that end.

I took off the front to make sure it wasn’t the airgap, but that seemed to work fine. I also took off the 4 screws holding the face and the body together, and nothing looked blown up (the caps were all flat on top) and it didn’t smell bad. I couldn’t remove the top circuit board from the body. I couldn’t find any screws holding that one on and I didn’t want to force it. Is there a teardown of the GE switches somewhere?

Warranty is 2 years, are you within this timeframe? If so I recommend you call Jasco, the manufacturer:

Are you sure you aren’t just measuring phantom voltage?