GE Smart Switch Wall In - Not working

I am trying to install a smart switch on my porch light switch. This plate has 3 switches, two regular and one 3 way. The one I want to install is the regular. There are three wires, bared for ground, one white which I assumed to be the neutral and one black that I don’t know whether is power or load? How does that work? why I don’t have one for each power and load (and it does work with the regular switch to turn the lights on)?

Those line probably are just line and load wires. The neutral may be in the back of the box with a wire nut some where. My switches were the same way and the neutral was in the back of the box. Trust no colors as they use different colors sometimes.


Looks like only 3 wires to both the standard switches. If that is true there is no neutral in that wiring. You should have: line, neutral, ground and load…


That makes sense (having no neutral) and the white and black are the line and load. I don’t think this GE smart switch would work without the neutral.

Most likely not…

Correct it will not work without a neutral.