GE smart switch and neutral wire

I did quite a bit of reading before posting this. I have an outdoor porch light that I want to install a GE smart switch. Unfortunately I don’t have a neutral wire in the box at that location. I do however have an outlet in the wall right under the switch that is on the same circuit. So I ran jumper neutral wire from the neutral side of the outlet up to the neutral on the smart switch. The switch will turn the light on for about a second before shutting it back off. This may be a simple fix but I am puzzled. Any help is greatly appreciated

Can you post a diagram of the circuit?

No I’m not sure what it looks like other than what I can see in each wall box. I assume they ran the neutral to my Light box and then ran only the hot wire to the switch in the box. As for the outlet, there are both white (connected to silver screws) and black (connected to brass screws). I connected my neutral jump wire to the white side and ran it up to the neutral on the smart switch. I had the ground connected. I had the hot wire (tested with meter) connected to the “line” on the switch and the wire back to the light connected to the “load”. I know this probably doesn’t help much but that’s all I have to offer.