GE Smart Switch or Dimmer for GE Wireless Lamp Module with Dimmer?

In my bedroom I have a switch that controls one outlet in the room. I have a GE Z-Wave Wireless Lighting Control Lamp Module with Dimmer Control plugged into an outlet in the room that is not controlled by the switch. I would like to replace the wall switch with a GE smart in-wall switch and get it to work the lamp module just like a normal dimmer switch would.

If this is possible, do I need to purchase a GE Smart Dimmer Switch or can I program a regular GE In-Wall Smart Switch to work the dimming function of the lamp module when it’s buttons are held down or up?


National electric code:


General use dimmer switches shall be used only to control permanently installed incandescent luminaires unless listed for the control of other loads and installed accordingly.

Stick with the module.

Outside of possible code violations, a GE Dimmer can control the voltage going to an outlet just like it does a fixed lamp housing. Your LED bulb, if using an LED bulb, just has to be dimmable.

There’s also several battery powered switches and buttons that can be mounted on the wall and will work with ST to provide control over the lamp dimmer module.