Help with wiring GE smart switch

Hi all, I want to replace an old switch with a GE smart switch. The current switch only has one black, one white and one ground. The white to ground is 120v, white to black is 120v, black to ground is 0v. So I think there’s no neutral line. Currently the switch controls two lamps. One lamp is close to the switch. I plan to wire a neutral line from the lamp to the switch to have a neutral to install the smart switch. Will it work? Also how to identify which line goes to the lamp and which comes from the breaker? Thanks.

Yes but only do this if the outlet is on the same circuit as the switch otherwise you are creating a safety issue.

Thanks for the reply. Can you please say more on “the same circuit” ? I know the lamps are controlled by one breaker and the switch is controlled by another one.

That’s actually what I meant. If they are on different breakers then unfortunately it’s not safe to do what you suggested.

thanks, really appreciated!

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I’m a little confused. You said

  • the switch controls two lamps
  • the lamps are controlled by one breaker and the switch is controlled by another

I don’t see how that’s possible.

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From your description, this would be how I think your light is wired.

You should verify this, since I’m only basing this from your description and (obviously) cannot test this on my own.

You also said that the switch and the lights that it controls is on different breakers. I don’t see how this is possible. Can you describe what led you to this conclusion?

Assuming that the wiring is as I described using MS Paint, you should be able to pull a neutral wire from the lights over to the switch. But again, please verify that it is as I described first.

Thank you all for the input! Just come to clear that the switch and lights are controlled by same breaker. There’s a a circuit right beside the switch and my no touch circuit tester is very sensitive. After I shut off the breaker which control the switch, my tester still gave me alarm because of the another circuit. Today I used the multimeter and it shows no voltage. Then I wired a neutral to the switch from light and DONE!