Bathroom Fan/light combo use case questions

So I did a search and can’t seem to find the info I am looking for so I am going to start a new topic.

While I was at lowes today (I was there for another project but I had to swing by the electrical department of course) I picked up an Iris motion sensor and a GE Zwave switch. I have been working on upgrading the Master bathroom fan and I figured this was a good time to automate it!

I am trying to figure out the best way to utilize the switch and motion sensor to automate the bathroom fan/light. It is all tied to one outlet.

I am thinking that maybe it would make sense to have the motion sensor events trigger the light on and then turn it off just a few minutes later, this would cover using the restroom and not having to reach for the switch. And then maybe when I use the switch it will run for 15 minutes as I would be taking a shower.

I would assume that even if I made the rule to work with the switch for 15 minute off delay, the motion sensor would see motion and automatically override the switch rule and shut off a few minutes later?

The main goal here is to automate the light and fan to gain the WAF (wife approval factor) while also running the fan to keep the moisture out of the bathroom. And of course, why not automate something that is as simple as an off switch? HAH!

One way to deal with that is to have the motion sensor only kick in in different modes. At least, that’s how I do it. Fan and light are on their own switches, plus a motion sensor.

Morning mode: nothing shuts the lights/fan off. This is the mode we’re in from motion in the bedroom at a specific time (alarm off) until my presence sensor is here, but not my wife (I work from home). That moves me into “home” mode.

I have a Rule Engine rule to turn the fan off after 30 minutes if the fan is on and the mode is Home. Think “Wife left for work and left the fan on.”

Home mode: Motion sensor automatically kicks the light on, then off after 5 minutes if motion stops, only if Home mode is the current mode. Covers your basic visit to the restroom. This is currently a Smart Lighting rule, but considering switching to a Rule Engine rule instead (see below).

Evening mode: Another Rule Engine rule, only runs in Evening mode. You have to use the switch, no automatic light switching with motion. If the light is on and the motion sensor is inactive, it turns off after 5 minutes unless motion is detected. Basically, it’s the same as the “Home mode” rule, but with a different trigger. Considering using this same rule in home mode as well, have not decided yet. I use similar rules for the bedroom (also a 5 minute timeout) and the kitchen (15 minute timeout).