GE Portable Smart Motion Sensor problems (DTH in post 40)

So the custom DTH didn’t work? I can’t seem to find a link to it in this thread?

I see the post about using zwave plus dth, does that stick you with the 5 minute reporting period?

Just curious since I bought one to play with.

Anyone using these have the blue led flash around 6 times (give or take) at random times?

I have it hooked up and it is reporting. Flashed red led for motion. I have seen it several times just start blinking blue then just quit blinking blue. It still works and keeps detecting motion.

Just curious if it’s just mine.

anyone get this to work? same issue here

Just thought I would reply, that the one I have works. I have it watching the laundry room where nobody notices the blinking led. Heck i don’t even know if it is still blinking.
I do know that it has been working very well since my last post in this thread. It is very sensative. Just little siow to turn on lights and I’m stuck with the 5 minute off thing.

I am really interested in this but it seems there is no solution to this as well? Have any one got it to work around the default 5 minutes parameter thing? Hopefully some body might still reach out to help.

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So I’m confused, was there a solution to this? I don’t see a DH anymore and the things I’ve tried including other handlers mentioned hasn’t gotten me anywhere but with a stuck on motion all the time sensor or one that trips as soon as it resets after 5 minutes. Actually if I manually add it there’s a GE Motion sensor choice, which does appear to have basic functionality now. But it’s still stuck with the 5 minute reset and doesn’t allow you to change any settings?

Where is Post 17 for the dth? Link please. TIA.

I don’t believe the test DTH that is discussed early in the thread worked. No other programmer has picked this up. It appears we are currently stuck with the default settings and functions for now.

Is there a way to turn off the red led when motion is detected?

Not that I know of, mine also would flash blue LED in a pattern at random times.

I tried contacting the device manufacturer for help, but got a generic reply and non helpful answers to simple questions.

So unless a programmer feels the desire to jump in on this, I’d say were stuck with the generic / standard operation.

Thanks Don!

I’d like to know where the DTH code is, thanks!

Your stuck using the default, no programmer has picked this up to try and make a custom DTH. There was some work on it initially but evidently it didn’t work since it was removed.

Too bad. I would like to see if the config could work for this handler. Let me see to it (yet another programmer).

You would probably have to ping @johnconstantelo to see what he tried a ling time ago if your willing to work in this.

Did you actually get the units to work and not just state motion?

Has anyone tried running this off the optional USB power? Does it refresh more often?

The manual states "Once motion is detected, the sensor will wait 4 minutes (default reset time) before checking again for motion.This helps conserve battery power. "

Doesn’t say anything about running of USB power as far as refresh time goes though…

Walmart has these on sale for $19 right now so…

I never tried it on USB, that’s a good question. I think it would be the same. I’ll have to look in the paperwork that came with mine.

For 19.00 it is a good buy. They are very sensative at a longer range than my Iris sensors. I just wish the off time was adjustable. Would be an ideal sensor for a shed or garage, something where you don’t need to know that motion has stopped as accuratley.

I’ve been thinking about getting this sensor but have been concerned about the wait time in resetting. Since it can be powered by Usb, I wonder if the Z-wave Tweaker could be used to change the parameters.
Has anybody tried this?

I acquired a few of these sensors on sale and was also disappointed with the motion timeout. Luckily, the sensor has configurable Z-Wave parameters for the timeout and other settings. I went ahead and created a device handler that exposes all configurable parameters in settings. Enjoy!

GE Portable Smart Motion Sensor - Device Handler: