GE Portable Smart Motion Sensor problems (DTH in post 40)

Too bad. I would like to see if the config could work for this handler. Let me see to it (yet another programmer).

You would probably have to ping @johnconstantelo to see what he tried a ling time ago if your willing to work in this.

Did you actually get the units to work and not just state motion?

Has anyone tried running this off the optional USB power? Does it refresh more often?

The manual states "Once motion is detected, the sensor will wait 4 minutes (default reset time) before checking again for motion.This helps conserve battery power. "

Doesn’t say anything about running of USB power as far as refresh time goes though…

Walmart has these on sale for $19 right now so…

I never tried it on USB, that’s a good question. I think it would be the same. I’ll have to look in the paperwork that came with mine.

For 19.00 it is a good buy. They are very sensative at a longer range than my Iris sensors. I just wish the off time was adjustable. Would be an ideal sensor for a shed or garage, something where you don’t need to know that motion has stopped as accuratley.

I’ve been thinking about getting this sensor but have been concerned about the wait time in resetting. Since it can be powered by Usb, I wonder if the Z-wave Tweaker could be used to change the parameters.
Has anybody tried this?

I acquired a few of these sensors on sale and was also disappointed with the motion timeout. Luckily, the sensor has configurable Z-Wave parameters for the timeout and other settings. I went ahead and created a device handler that exposes all configurable parameters in settings. Enjoy!

GE Portable Smart Motion Sensor - Device Handler:


Installing this to give it a try.

You are awsome for creating this. Thank you!!

Thanks for writing the DH for this. The LED was driving me batty. BTW I currently have this sensor powered via usb cuz the battery lasts about 3 months or so. How is your battery performance with this sensor. The sensor has super range at least 40’ or more and coverage

Thank you for the DH. Works good.
Just a note: If you set parameter 18 to 255, PIR reset time becomes 5s which makes for a really fast reacting sensor.

@NomadTech, you are correct. I may add the 255 value as an option (I wasn’t sure how to add that outside of the value range I pass in the DH). The only problem with setting it to this is you will drain the batteries super fast.

Every time the sensor switches state between No Motion to Motion and back to No Motion it sends a Z-Wave signal. The timeout is really just a countdown timer - if it trips Motion, then any motion within the timeout period will simply start the countdown over internally (no signal sent). If the timeout is only 5 seconds, there will be times when it’s sending lots of signals. That may be okay if you have the sensor plugged in, though.

It’s too bad the timeout can’t be set to like 15-30 seconds. Like I said, I’ll probably make an update just so the 5 second mode is an option. I can think of one automation application where I could use that kind of resolution - I’ll just have to be sure to have the sensor plugged in :slight_smile:.


I would leave Dh as is. and put a note about it. You can set it up in IDE to 255.

You can USB power it.

I changed the DH to the one listed above and then changed the interval from the default of 4 to 1. Verified in IDE that it now shows 1 (Parameter 18 = 1), but it’s still only updating every 4 minutes. Did I miss a step? Thanks for the awesome DH!

Push button on the back once

Thank you for this! I set the DTH and disabled the red led and then reverted back to the normal z wave motion sensor and the setting stuck. Perfect!! its now local and no red blink when motion is detected.

THANK YOU! That was the issue! I’m guessing that button needs pressed every time a change is made to the parameters? One other question, the 255 for parameter 18, can you just fill that in on the app settings under timeout even though it says (1-60) ? Thanks again for the tip!

No, but you can do it in IDE.

I purchased 2 of these sensors and after loading the handler both show motion as always on. I am hoping I am not this unlucky and just made a simple mistake… thoughts?
btw I have 2 GoControl sensors working just fine.

Did you select this device type in the IDE?

Did you try the default Z wave Motion device type in the IDE?

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yes… I have tried both device types. I now believe one sensor to be bad. The other seems to be working after a battery pull and the other does not.