GE Plug-In Smart Dimmer Module help

Hi all,
I need to dim 4 x dimmable LED downlights in the master bedroom. I was thinking of using a " GE 12718 - Plug-In Smart Dimmer Module". I need the lights to still turn on and off as normal by the exsisting switch to keep the wife happy, so my question is, if I install this in the ceiling, and plug all 4 downlights into the device. What would be the best way to wire up the switch so it still operates as normal? Should i hack the unit and solder 2 wires to the front push button and run it to a momentary pb mounted on the wall? Or should I leave the wiring as it is so the power goes from the switch, through the dimmer then to the light? My worry is, if i use smart things to turn off the lights or dim them, then I wont be able to turn them back on or dim them using the wall switch. FYI: I live in australia and I am using an american st hub.

For another $10 dollar. You could get the real light switch GE 12724 and install it much more cleaner, easier to operate and not messing with electrical code.

Thank you, I have thought of doing this and it would be a good option, however, I would like to incorporate it into the existing clipsal plate if possible so the electrical in the house matches. But If thats the only way to go then thats what Ill do.

That’s definitely not the only way to go except dimming is a little tricky with the physical switch. Aeon and fibaro make in wall dimmer module which allow you to keep the old switch for on/off but can only dim with the app. So depend on your case. There are options out there without hacking your wiring.
Sorry I didn’t know you are from Australia. That’s 220v and your option is way less compare to North America but the two devices above still work.