Installing Dimmer or GE Link Lights?

Howdy All…Thanks as usual for all the great tips on here!

I ordered up the GE speed module for my ceiling fan in the bedroom, which I’ll be installing. But my question is this…

I bought this from lowes and from what the reviews say and reading on here it doesn’t like to dim LED bulbs. Obviously as things advance most bulbs are going to be LED, so I want one that works with LED.

But…would it just make more sense to leave it as a regular switch and install a couple of GE Link bulbs and control that with the phone instead of spending $45 for a switch that I need to install? I guess I see pluses and minuses of both. Any thoughts?


This question needs to be in a FAQ… It’s been answered a few times.

I’ll post a link; but please try the Forum Search :mag: in the meantime…

Here’s one:

I generally prefer switches/dimmers over bulbs for the reasons mentioned in the linked thread.


Thanks Guys…I searched some but didn’t get all the way through, thank you.

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I like using the switch to control all lights at once. Some like to control individual lights. Depends on what you would like.

All my essential lights are on Switches and Non-essential are on GE. So pretty much all inside the house are on switches and outside where no one touches the switch are on GE. I know the GE is not rated for outdoor but most of my lights are away from the rain and so far I don’t have problem with them yet.

I have hue bulbs and my wife hates that she doesn’t have a switch to use. If she turns the switch off, I can’t control the bulbs, so I put a lock on the switch. I’ve decided to get a zwave switch in addition to the hue bulbs just so she can have the switch functionality and I can still use the bulbs.

Hue bulbs use the zigbee light (ZLL) protocol, they can’t be directly controlled by a zwave switch unless you’re just turning the local power off, in which case it’s no different than any other switch.

Hue sells the Hue Tap switch to provide physical control of hue devices, but I don’t think it works with ST. (Hopefully someone will let us know if they do work)

If you have a zwave scene controller that works with ST by requesting the hub to issue commands, that would work with both zigbee and zwave devices, but I don’t know if it works with hue bulbs. @jody.albritton might know.

All I want to do is turn the lights back on when she turns the switch off and then use the hue bulb off command. It will look weird, but it should make everyone happy

Additionally if we decide to replace those bulbs with normal bulbs, the switches will already be in place.

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