Have dimmer switch control dimmer plug in module?

I am trying to use a light switch that switches to an outlet that it not in a convenient location. I want to be able to turn on a light on a different outlet. That part is simple, GE swith and a plug in module. What I am looking for is a solution wherein I can dim the lights from the switch and not just through the app.

Will a GE dimmer and a Leviton plug in dimmer allow the GE switch to dim the Leviton plug in dimmer? Is there a way to do that? Can I do this with a GE non-dimmer switch, maybe holding on or off toggles dim on the plug in module?

As long as both devices are dimmers, you can use the “mirror“ Option in the official smart lighting/custom automation feature to have one dimmer “follow” another. So, easy. :sunglasses:

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