GE Link Par 38 Supported?

I bought a few of the GE Link Par 38 bulbs. I have 3 of the standard bulbs and they work great now that I have the updated Zigbee firmware.

The first bulb seemed to pair right away, but it doesn’t seem to control from the hub. The second and third bulbs try to pair and sometimes do, but sometimes they pair as “Things”.

This is the exact behavior I saw with the standard GE Link bulbs before I got the Zigbee firmware.

Are these going to be supported at some point?

Thank you!

@Todd_Whitehead, I’d expect these to act no differently. Are you using the community device type for the other GE bulb

Yes. I have the custom device type. I rebooted my hub, reset all the bulbs, removed all of the bulbs, force-closed the app and did it again and everything is “just working” now.

So, false alarm…


I bought 4 of these over the weekend. Working great so far. So much light for only 13 watts!

have four working great for a while now that I have a few repeaters in the the mix between the hub and the far corners of the house