GE Link Bulbs: Works in everything but fan

So I just bought the starter kit and installed them in the fan in my room. Flip the lights on, andddd… nope. So I move one out to the hallway, flip the switch and it works.

The fan and the lighting fixture attached to it are on separate switches, neither of them dimmers and I’m at a loss on what to think or do.

Any help would be much appreciated.

I am assuming you tried a regular bulb and they work in the fan?

I found some of the GE LEDS bulbs have a shorter neck, which prevents the bulb from being screwed all the way in to where contact is not being made. It seemed like it was all the way in, but it was just far enough away not to touch the hot.

No good solution (if that is he cause) that is safe unless you can mod the fixture easily.

Not sure what fan you have, I’ve run Links in a few Hunter Fans with no issues but none of these fan lights had any kind of dimmer controls or anything else smarter than just a straight light switch.