GE Link Bulbs Turn Themselves On/Off

(John Esher) #1

So I moved two of my GE Link Bulbs into my bathroom with the intention of having them turn on/off with a soon to be delivered motion detector. They are controlled by a Lutron Dimmer (not three way) and when I set them at 50% or so (anything other than 100%) and turn them off using a switch from Lights & Switches at some point in the next 5 minutes they turn back on. This behavior was not observed in their last position in a lamp without a dimmer.

Is this due to the physical switch’s dimming capabilities? I’m guessing I need a LED specific dimming switch…

(Tim Slagle) #2

Yep, I bet the GE link bulbs are having trouble determining if the low current is power on/off. And is turning themselves on agai when it things it has gotten power again.

Why do you have need a dimmer switch and a dimming smart bulb on the same circuit anyways?

(John Esher) #3

Well, because the other night my wife remarked, “You know, it would be nice if the lights in the bathroom turned on when you went in there”. I immediately took that to mean I could obtain another motion detector and door sensor (not sure which application will be best) and I thought I’d put them in the light fixture on the ceiling.

So I opened that up today while I’m waiting for the Amazon Prime delivery, and found that the lights are candelabra bases. That left just the vanity lights, which are on a dimmer.

Now I’m trying to decide between ordering an Aeon Micro Controller and installing it behind the ceiling fixture or vanity lights or changing the vanity switch to a simple on/off and leaving the GE’s in the vanity fixtures controllable by the ST app.