GE Link A-19 bulb appropriate/safe for outdoor use?

Hey everybody,

I’m new to the Samsung SmartThings eco-system. Very excited with what I’ve done so far. However, I’m looking for an appropriate outdoor-approved/tested linkable light bulb. I’ve purchased teh A19 from GE and the PAR38, which is the only GE Link bulb that is approved for outdoors. However, the PAR38 is too large for my immediate outside door bulb that’s encased in a sort of “lamp” facade.

The A19 (or similar sized bulb) would be perfect for this facade, however, I’ve read in the following site:

That GE reps gave the author of the article two different stories on the suitability of the bulb to ooutdoor use. Given that this is relatively new-ish technology, and I don’t want to risk burning out my bulb (or burning down my home), are there any outdoor alternatives that can connect to Samsung SmartThings that are similarly sized to the GE A-19? Thanks ahead of time!

I had 3 I used outside for well over a year no issues

Thanks Drew,

Curious, were your bulbs put into an outdoor enclosure? I’ve been told that LED lightbulbls need extra ventilation otherwise they can either burn out fast or pose a fire hazard?

All 3 were open on the bottom.

EDIT: I did have all of my indoor bulbs in completely enclosed fixtures with no issue (aside from the usual G.E. Link disconnect grumblings.