GE Light Switch Blinking Blue LED after power failure -strange behaviour

We have had this switch working fine for a couple of years. Today we had a power failure for an hour or two.

The blue LED is blinking, no lights, through Smarthings or manually. The odd thing is that the switch is clearly connected to my hub, because when I turn on and off via the app, I can hear it click on and off. No lights though.

Any ideas?

You can try a reset at the breaker, but it’s highly likely your switch has let go of the magic smoke which lets it work.

(read: it’s toast)

Same thing happened to me a couple years ago where power flipped on/off a few times real quick due to weather and it killed the switch.

Happened to me too. It’s very likely dead. Sorry.

Same thing happened here too last year with one of mine. Dead switch