GE Switch with flashing blue LED

Installed two new switches today without issue. Evening came and I noticed my front porch lights weren’t on and the blue LED indicator on the switch is flashing. Tried zwave repair and it couldn’t find the switch. Pulled the air gap switch on the affected switch and that didn’t do anything either. So two questions:

Does anyone know what the flashing blue LED means on the GE switch?

The two new switches were installed on the same leg as the switch that isn’t working. All devices on this breaker are working perfect, with the exception of this one switch. The only difference with the installation of these switches is how I handled the neutrals. The two new switches went into a dual gang box. Our house and neutrals wired everywhere, but most are capped in the box. This particular dual gang box has 4 runs into it. Rather than wiring up pigtails to the lights and having 6 14 gauge wires in one wire nut, I ran the neutral from the load into the switch and a pigtail out the second neutral hole into the bundle that comes from the other switch and the other two runs going through the box. Normally I just wire one neutral into the switch and wire nut everything together. Could it be an issue with neutral wiring and I need to go back and do it differently?