Dimmer Switches (GE or Linear) blink LED: Control built-in LED (blink the green or bue LED) from smart app


For zwave dimmer switches (GE or Linear brands) can the built-in LED be controlled and set to blink from a smart app?

Use Case:
I am developing a smart app for my use which is triggered by a double tap on the switch. I would like to provide some kind of feedback to the user.

Currently I am blinking the lights that the switch controls, but this is not a great solution, but also, it causes problems as sometimes the switch blinking, even when checking for isphysical returns true and the blinking is then considered also a double tap.

Can the built-in LED either the blue or green LED (GE or Linear) be controlled from a smart app.

So if some action is active maybe blink the built-in LED? Then when the action is complete, stop the LED from blinking?

Thanks in advance!

Blinking anything via an ST App requires so many round trips to make happen, it’s probably not going to be a great notifier…
If you’re willing to replace your GE’s with in wall Aeon micro’s, you could use the Aeons built in hardware configurable blink function. This function while being executed doesn’t change the device state as reported to ST.
I have a custom device type for both the Aeon dimmer and switch that exposes the blink feature.
I use it to flash a few lights in the house when the door bell rings…


I want to be sure i understand correctly… is this the LED you want to blink, the indicator led?

If it is there are 3 functions you maybe able to call for the default smartthings zwave switch devicetype. indicatorWhenOn(), indicatorWhenOff(), and indicatorNever(). You’ll probably want to save the state of the indicator first and return it to that state when your done blinking the indicator lights. I’d love to see the app when you’re done, I’d totally run it in my house!

Yes, dinking with indicator methods will work, but that’s a lot of cloud messaging and overhead just to blink that thing, and the blink rate will never be stable, and the app could be killed off due to rate limiting…

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I think setting the indicator led to steady blink would be as obnoxious as a screaming baby on an airplane, and would most like be killed by rate limiting. Although (I really hope this is what @professordave has in mind) having the indicator led blink 2x to confirm a double tap should work just fine and in my opinion is great UX design and cool as hell.