GE Keypad Model ZW-5301

(Retlas) #1

Would like to integrate this keypad to quickly change modes and activate smart apps.

Has anyone used one yet?

(Chrisb) #2

That’s a no go on that device. It won’t work with Smart Things… or perhaps more correctly it won’t work the way you want.

The problem is that this is a controller, not a device. It’s designed to send commands to devices, not receive them. It can’t report to the hub that a button has been pressed or anything like that.

It’s a bummer because it would be very nice to have something like that (as well as some of the z-wave remote controls) to tie in with ST but because of the Z-wave architecture it just won’t work.

(Solardave1) #3

It’s a bummer that someone (ST perhaps) hasn’t figured a way to utilize these types of devices. It would to be configured as a secondary controller but as a standalone it won’t do anything. There are other systems that can utilize it the way you want (I think Wayne Dalton) but not ST at this time. @urman - how difficult is it to make a firmware change on the hub to recognize secondary controllers? Having in-wall multi-button definable controllers would be huge. I’ve picked up some el-cheapo android tablets from China (love Alibaba) that I wall mount in a el-cheapo picture frame and run the USB wire inside the wall and install the ST app but its a cloudy solution, especially being constrained to portrait mode. It does, however, work and I have the added benefit of being ale to run blue iris’s android client so I can view my ip cams on the same screen. But I digress - how abut a muti-button single (or double if it has to be ) gang electric box mounted secondary controller or even better, a group of 3 or 4 buttons that DT recognizes as buttons. That would let you do just about anything you want just Ike the app.

(Csader) #4

@solardave1 which tablet(s) have you gotten off of Alibaba?

(Solardave1) #5

Honestly, I’m looking right at it and there’s no name. Markings, model identification or anything else on it. It is 9 inch, 16gb Androind tablet. I ordered 4 “sample” units @ $62./each. They came in a generic box (which may have had some never heard of branding along with a 5v wall wart for power. Black bezel about 1/4 inch all around and the rear is white… Has USB, audio out, audio in and an unmarked hole that could be a reset? Also, just noticed a micro sd slot. Has a crappy film across the front of the screen that I thought was protective film but doesn’t want to come off. Rear camera and possibly front camera (there’s something round under the film in one corner (but could easily be an air bubble - I’m not kidding about this crappy film covering the screen). Speaker on rear. Small mic on side. Volume paddle like an ipad. On/off button next to it. If I could figure out how to post a picture (I don’t use a hosting service and I don’t see how I can just upload it from my ipad into the forum) I would. There were dozens of these that basically looked the same so I just went with the cheapest. Considering the application (ST, BlueIris IP camera Viewer client, a couple of other things I D/L from the google store) it fits the bill fine. The touch isn’t even close to my iPads but it works. I bought some 1" depth “shadow box” picture frames from CVS, used a couple of dabs of silicone to hold the tablet in place and the power cord is hidden by the wood frame. Fish the wire up the inside of the wall and plug it in. Down and dirty but looks pretty good and does the job. You can also try “a happy deal” where I’ve gotten some good deals on some specialized security equipment (2.4 GhZ video intercom with “claimed” 300 meter range - really more like 200 but that’s still pretty good. Doesn’t reach from my gate to my house but I opened it up and I plan to unsolder the internal antennas and replace them with 12db (or more) yagi’s and some height which hopefully will get from my gate to the house. If you pm me an email address, I’ll take a pic of the tablet and email it to you. Alibaba really wants to sell volume but they happily (and understandably) know that people will want samples. I think the DHL air post from HK (they route it from the mainland to DHL in HK was about $80 bucks for all 4. - shipping by sea would have taken a month but would have been about $25. I’ve gotten allot of stuff - IR outdoor solar “invisible fence” barriers that reach about 40 yards between them - they are about 5 feet tall and cost less than $90 for the xmt/rcv pair and the control panel is a 433Mhz wireless alarm system which I think was about 60 bucks. (Came with a pir and 2 keyfobs) I cut the alarm sounder wire and used the relay terminals to take an “alarm condition - beam break” to a ZigBee radio on an Arduino shield using 4 pins (I have 4 sets of these barriers) so I know where on my property the break was (and I have wifii ip cameras pointed yo the area the beams cover on solar/battery setups feeding BlueIris). Hope this helps.

(Solardave1) #6

Found the box!!! It’s called “Tablet PC”. A well known Chinese brand :slight_smile:

(Andrew Urman) #7

What we’ve noticed is some secondary controllers notify the hub and some don’t. What this keypad is supposed to do it change an end devices state then tell the primary controller what it did. A lot of “Accessory switches” fail to do the same. So with devices like this, it’s difficult to say its compatible since the failure to update the hub about the end devices change makes some core functionalities unusable.

It’s a good point for an unofficial compatibility list though.

(Solardave1) #8

I’ll try adding ST as a secondary to Vera and see what happens.


I was searching for cheap tablets when I saw your post. Do they have 7" versions of that, hmm maybe I’ll try ebay instead so I don’t have to hit a minimum order amount.

(Solardave1) #10

7,8,9,10,10.5 - they have everything. If you only want one and don’t want to do the song and dance about possibly wanting volume but need a sample or two for eval, use instead of alibaba. In either case, just type tablet in the search box and you’ll get pages upon pages of hits.


Thanks! Will check on ahapppydeal.

(Dan) #12

@solardave1 I’d love to here if you’re successful making ST a secondary to Vera. I’m still stuck on that and I’d really like to hear how to do it.