GE/Jasco Switches/Outlets Offline

I have many GE/Jasco switches/outlets and all of a sudden they all are acting up. Some can not be controlled by automation or the ST app. A couple cannot be controlled virtually or physically. but some are working perfectly fine. It does not matter if the device shows online or offline. I try a z wave repair and I get some errors about connecting with neighbors and deleting old routes. Any ideas?

What is their status in the ide? Https://

Master Bedroom Fan is physical only (inactive)

Deck light is physical only (offline)

Gabriella fan does not work at all (offline)

Master bed light is physical only (offline)

Patio light is physical only (offline)

Charlotte Fan is physical only (online)

Charlotte Light is physical only (online)

Christmas tree is automated/app (outlet) (online)

Family room Fan is working fine (online)

Family room light is working fine (online)

Gabriella Light is physical only (online)

Office light does not work with app or automation (online)

Playroom light works fine (online)

holiday lights is an outdoor GE switch not plugged in alright now


The only other device that is offline that I cannot get connected is my Ring doorbell. Any ideas on this as well?

GE/Jasco has made several different models and types of switches and outlets (and several variations of each) over the years.

Which model(s) are you having problems with?

They are the toggle switch. I think it is 12727 or 29

I have many of the GE Z-Wave Switches in my system. Whenever they go dead I usually only have to toggle them and they come back. I occasionally have to power cycle them. If they don’t have the pull out tab for a power cycle you will need to flip the breaker. You may have some kind of Z-wave mesh issue in fact the one switch that you say isn’t working manually could be causing an issue.

If a switch is not working manually then it probably needs to be replaced. Or something has happened to the wiring or it has lost power. They should work like a normal switch whether they are paired to hub or not if they are wired correctly and functional.

I had one that was unresponsive that I had to hit the replace button and it fixed itself. It kept the same zwave td.
Another one which was responsive but showed unavailable just had to be power cycled with the no gap switch.

Thanks. The power cycle process…can you remind me how to accomplish that? I have had these for a couple years and never had any issues. Thanks

My older switches have the small air gap switch on the lower edge, insert a small screw driver an pull it out. Otherwise you will have to use circuit breakers.
If your asking about the repair procedure, select the device under “things” and then the gear icon in upper right hand corner and then the red repair button.

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I have replace and remove red buttons


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