GE/Jasco Motion Switch (Model 26931) - Paired, Getting Events... But Cannot Use Device in Automation

I’m attempting the move from Vera to SmartThings, and I seem to be having a few problems right out of the gate. The one I need some help with right now has to do with a GE/Jasco-branded in-wall motion switch (model #26931).

Using Matt LeBaugh’s device handler code (link) I can get the device to pair properly, but in the app the device just hangs on “Checking Status…”, and when I try to look at it in the app I get the message “Can’t connect to device. Check device and try again”. As you might suspect, I also cannot select it as a trigger or action in any automations.

My first troubleshooting step was to remove/exclude the device and re-introduce it, but that didn’t appear to help.

What is a bit funky though is that I can find some evidence of the device when using the SmartThings web interface:

And logs. All the inputs/motion the switch saw last night were captured:
(I had to pull the image because new users are limited to one image - I’ll try to put it in a follow-up post)

My bottom-line issue is that the device can pair and appears to be able to communicate activity to SmartThings… yet SmartThings can’t leverage or interact with the device in any way. Can someone help me figure out what’s going on here?

This is the grab of the most recent logs that I couldn’t add in to the original post due to new member limits:

I have actually taken over the development of the DTH. However, the current one you are using DOES work with SmartThings effectively and I have been using it in my environment for a couple weeks, with adding a new one just yesterday.

Right off the bat it appears you didn’t name the device. If you go into your mobile app, click the gear in the upper right corner, you should be able to do that. The label is typically what is used within the rest of SmartThings to reference the device. It should have been named when you first integrated the device.

Let me know if that works.

sounds like you’re using the new smartthings app. You need to use the classic one when using custom device handlers.


Thanks Michael and Jimmy - I now have the switch working perfectly.

@MichaelS - Do you have a link to a link to a newer DTH?

I was indeed using the new app. This helps explain why the “new and improved” app has a lower rating in the app store than the classic one!

I estimate the end if the month to release it.

These have been released!

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@Automated_House So the new Samsung app doesn’t support custom devices like the current app does? If so is this only a temporary issue or the new direction going forward?

Temporary. Details are starting to trickle out on how devs can get their custom handlers working with the new app. I’ve got all mine up and working to some degree.

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Are there any updates on this? I’m running into a brick wall and unhelpful customer service folks trying to get this working with my 2018 Hub…