GE/JASCO Dimmer - BLUE Light is on when dimmer >0%

Hi, My GE/JASCO Dimmer Blue Light is turned on only when the light is on (Dim Level >0%). I thought that the blue light should be turned on when the light is off. Is there something wrong with my dimmer? Maybe wrong installation?

Current status is saying:
switch: on
level: 82 %
indicatorStatus: when on

If everything is OK with my product, is there a way to change it?



I found the solution, but I don’t know why the default was wrong…

I opened the smartthings app on my mobile and found the device. Then I opened the configuration of the device and changed the “LED Indicator” to When Off (Instead When On).

I noticed this with some regular Jasco switches I added yesterday. Seems like the default action never gets set anymore.

Tap on your device and tap on the gear icon to edit your device. Tap on LED Indicator and tap “When Off” and Done twice to save your changes.

Otherwise, your switch is messed up but I’ve found that it seems to fix itself up to many months later.

Thanks for this. I just added my first GE Dimmer (have tons of GE switches) and the default on the dimmer is totally opposite to the default on the switches. I thought I did something wrong too. I had also connected the neutral since I was swapping out one of the switches for a dimmer and with the switch you have to use the neutral, even though in the dimmer instructions it did not specify this as a requirement.