Best electric box for two GE smart switch 12722

(Isaac Katzav) #1

I tried putting two smart switches in the same box and they just don’t fit. Any recommended box with the needed depth and width for fitting two GE 12722 smart switches in.


As far as width, they’re pretty much all the same size. If it’s a two gang switchbox, they should fit once you break off the side tabs. The instructions to do so will be in the user guide.

(Kevin) #3

I’ll admit I’m in a ‘new’ ‘modern’ house built in 2007. But I have 2 12722’s side by side in the wall here without any issue. Most ‘modern’ boxes will be almost full stud deep so that helps get the wires out of the way. Side to side clearance is fine. Like @JDRoberts says, you break off the side tabs just to give a little bit of wiggle room. But they are still physically inside the area that is 1 box wide.

(Isaac Katzav) #4

Thanks guys make sense I missed that step :smile: